Welcome to the Social Determinants of Health research lab at Chapman University, led by Dr. Georgiana Bostean.

I am an Assistant Professor in Sociology and Environmental Science & Policy.

As a population health scientist, my research examines how social factors at multiple levels (e.g., individual, family, neighborhood) influence racial/ethnic health inequalities. My aim is to understand why some population groups live longer and/or healthier lives than others. The social determinants of health—the conditions into which we are born, grow, and work– are major contributors to health disparities. I build on an important body of work which suggests that upstream social determinants, including education and other resources, are fundamental causes of health disparities.

Within the area of social determinants of health, my work has focused on Latino populations and tobacco-related issues including e-cigarettes. Some of this research is done with help from a team of bright undergraduate students here at Chapman. Please e-mail me if you are interested in undergraduate research opportunities.

If you’d like to learn more about my research, mosey on over to Google Scholar, the Conversation, the Family Inequality blog, and Academic Minute.

To learn more about the classes I teach, please see the Teaching page.