UnderGraduate Science Projects Advisor

Name(s) Topic
Shea Pickering Environmental and Health Impacts in Dominican Republic Based off Aerosol Pollutants and Other Confounding Factors (Summer 2013)
Krista Rasmussen The impact of Haboob events on Precipitation patterns in Arizona: A Cross-Correlation Analysis (Summer 2013)
Chris Dao Troy High School Summer Intern (summer 2013).  Wavelet Decomposition of atmospheric related parameters over the Arizona Haboob events
Malia Horch Human Impact on Climate Change in the Antarctic Region (Summer 2012)
Ray Gaddi Troy High School Summer Intern (summer 2012).  Studying different sensors and satellite paths and parameters addressing major dust storm.
Jennifer Magaña Multisensor and Model Observations Approach in Studying the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (Spring 2012)
Jeanette Pineda Impact of Black Carbon Aerosol on Health of Arctic Glaciers (Spring 2012)
Amanda L. Kristedja Utilizing Remote Sensing Data to Detect the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Properties (Spring 2011)
Brenden Brown,  Connor O’Brien and Haley Holroyd El Nino in the Eastern Pacific (Spring 2010)
Lauren Curtis Aerosol Optical Thickness Inter-comparison for Selected Locations Around the World (Spring 2010)
Michael Mehlhaff Impact of Retreating Glaciers in Greenland and Chile (Spring 2010)
Camille Del Fierro and Ravi Lloyd Measures of Chlorophyll Content versus Black Carbon along the California Coast  (Spring 2010)
Tara Dalbow and  Darin Nakatsu Atmospheric Pollution Over L.A. & Johannesburg (Spring 2010)
Tyler Reymore, Rajiv Melwani and Pasqual Gutierrez Sustaining the Present and Greening the Future: A Case Study on recognizing The Frontier Project’s technology (Spring 2010)
Aileen Gaudinez Applying SVD and PCA to LiDAR based topography data (Fall 2010)