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Costa Rica: Pre-Departure Thoughts
Hello! Olivia Harden, Class of 2019   My name is Olivia Harden (More)
Predeparture-Amanda Remy
Hi guys. Several nights of sleep deprivation from excitement over this class have severely impacted my writing ability, but I’ll do my best. My (More)
Bradford Yager: Costa Rica Ready!
Hi everyone, My name is Bradford Yager and I am so excited and grateful for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to embark on a travel course to Costa Rica with the BEST college Chapman University! I am a seco (More)
About Me: Brooklyn O'Neill (:
Hi! My name is Brooklyn O’Neill and I am a junior at Chapman University. I am double majoring in Business Administration and Communication. I have a genuine love for exploring new places, hiking, camping, snowboarding, helping others, and learning (More)
Pre-departure, About Emily
Hello all! My name is Emily Bozarth and I am a sophomore at Chapman University from Phoenix, Arizona. My major is Strategic and Corporate Communication with (More)
Honorary Directorship of the Center for Critical Pedagogy Research at Northeast Normal University
Peter McLaren - Honorary Chair Professor, and Honorary Director, The Center for Critical Pedagogy Research, Northeast Normal University China
Peter and Angie McLaren with Kung Fu Champions - China
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