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Chapter 14: Anti-Ads- Sydney
Acknowledging the Audience's Intelligence Chick-fil-a is known for their funny billboards that feature a cow sitting on top of another cow writing a message in sloppy black handwriting, that typically has to do with not eating beef because C (More)
Chapter 13: EPPM- Sydney
Unethical and Unsuccessful This is a vintage advertisement for women’s deodorant that I would argue is an unethical ad because of the way it suggests that a women’s beauty is not valuable if she smells. Though this advertisement is body shaming (More)
Chapter 6: Social Loafing- Sydney
Sharing a Bathroom When I read about social loafing, specifically the sucker effect, I immediately thought of a time where I fell as a victim to this effect. Karau and Williams (1993) say that “social loafing is the reduction in motivation and eff (More)
Chapter 7: Powerless Language and Persuasion- Sydney
An Accounting Class or a Grammar Lesson? When I read the section of chapter seven about powerless language and its effect or lack thereof on persuasion, I immediately knew a story I had to share. One of Chapman’s most respected professors who I ha (More)
Chapter 15: Scent Marketing- Sydney
A Signature Scent When I read about scent marketing I immediately thought of Abercrombie & Fitch, which was actually one of the examples in the book as one of the first stores that marketed its own fragrance (Smiley, 2014). A lot of retail s (More)
Chapter 15: Music as a Mnemonic Device- Sydney
1-800-901-1102 (jingle example at the end) A funny memory of mine is of going around the house as a kid singing phone numbers to the tune of Corky’s Pest Control jingle. At the end of every San Diego (More)
Chapter 14: Cultivation Theory- Sydney
The Harsh Reality “Skin” is an incredible Academy Award Winning short made in 2018 that tells the story of a young white boy whose father ends up in a racial gang war after he beat up an innocent black (More)
Chapter 14: Indexicality- Sydney
In Real Life This is a PSA poster that was part of a 3-part poster series to bring awareness to the large homeless population on Skid Row in Los Angeles. In this poster parallel processing is occurring because the poster requires both peripheral (More)
Chapter 13: Emotional Appeal (Warmth)- Sydney
Warm and Fuzzy Inside This is a 2011 Subaru commercial that I remember watching when I was younger. The commercial utilizes an emotional appeal by showing the father’s daughter grow up and going from pl (More)
Chapter 11: Foot-In-the-Door Tactic- Sydney
Ok, I'll take 2 more! An experience I had with the Foot-In-The-Door technique (Burger, 1999) is when I was talked into buying Girl Scout Cookies and donating the troops overseas. At the grocery store there were two little girls selling cookies and (More)
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