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Pre Tour
As the date for our Japan trip approaches, I get more and more excited to be able to live and experience a whole different culture for 10 days. I am interested to see and compare their culture to our culture and others as well. What I am most interes (More)
Blog Post #1
During the next two weeks I am extremely excited to learn and experience Japanese culture. I am most looking forward to the bamboo forest as well as going on the bullet train. I have been on a few trains in Seattle but nothing that goes as fast as th (More)
Blog Post #1-Before the Trip
I am super excited to be in Japan because this has always been a place that I have wanted to travel to. I found out about Japan from my dad, since he has traveled to Japan many times for work. My fascination with Japan also has to do with the culture (More)
Pre-Japan Thoughts
Japan is a place that I have always been fascinated with. This upcoming trip being my third visit to the country, I have a general understanding of the Japanese culture. However, there is still a lot that I am excited to discover and learn about Japa (More)
Blog Post 1 (Pre-Departure)
It is the 25th of May 2019, My name is Nick Furu and I am a student at Chapman University in-between my junior and senior years.  I am currently on a plane heading to Tokyo, Japan.  In about an hour and a half, I will touch down and see Japan for the (More)
Pre-Trip Blog Post
Hello, my name is Fiona Templin. I am a Japanese major and language and literacy minor. I'm half-Japanese and have had an interest in Japan for most of my life. I especially like learning about Japanese culture.  It started with anime and manga when (More)
Post #1
The days before the trip have involved nothing but shopping, planning, and packing my bags to prepare for staying for two weeks in Japan- plus, I've just moved into my new dorm room at Panther Village this week. It feels exciting to have all these ne (More)
blog post 1!
Even though I have now been in Japan for one day I still feel as thought I have so much more to learn about the culture and the food. I am most excited to experience real traditional Japanese culture. Growing up in a half Japanese family with no livi (More)
Blog Post #1
I am very excited for this trip to japan! I went when I was in kindergarten with my family so I do not remember much of the trip but there are definitely some things that stood out. The main thing that stood out to me when I was younger was the food! (More)
blog post #1
I am currently writing this from the Grand City Hotel in Tokyo Japan after eating breakfast. Japan is one of the places I have always wanted to visit because of the major cultural differences when compared to the United States. When preparing for thi (More)
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