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Practicum 9
Write up what you plan to say when you present your poster. Keep in mind that you want to show that you are confident with your research and not simply reading what you already wrote on the poster itself. Post your script or a video of you reciting i (More)
Practicum 8
Reflect how today's information age affects the themes you are expressing your project. Include at least one reference from "Subversive Memes" In today's society, technology has shaped how quickly people can access different forms of information f (More)
Practicum 10
How is your project taking advantage of its medium? Include at least one comparison to "The Rhetoric of Video Games." My project is taking advantage of its medium by allowing the audience the imagine the character and the visual details of the scr (More)
Practicum 8
Reflect how today’s information age affects the themes you are expressing your project. Include at least one reference from “Subversive Memes” Today's information age seems to rely on humor to communicate, especially through memes. Although questi (More)
Practicum 7
Post a draft of your poster before Monday's class. List three questions or concerns. First draft of my Scholarly Symposium poster: More)
Practicum 6
What horror-genre or academic ‘rules’ are you following in your poster or creative project? Which are you manipulating or breaking? Why? I plan to explore tropes of the horror genre throughout my creative project. My project will combine sound and (More)
Practicum 5
Pay attention to the rhetorical language used in this Science Friday podcast–credibility, authority, peer-reviewed sources, etc. Now apply them to your own poster. How might the academic presentation of your poster affect your audience’s interpretati (More)
Practicum 4
Reflect on what you learned in creating your abstract. In writing my abstract for Chapman's Scholarly Symposium, I learned more about the subject I researched as well as developing more effective writing. Infrasound is an intriguing topic that I a (More)
Practicum 3
What are you changing in your abstract? Why? After reviewing my first abstract draft and taking into account peer review, I decided to shift the focus of my project. Instead of solely focusing on infrasound, I am now incorporating the significance (More)
Practicum 1
What argument do you want your creative project to make? Apply questions 1-5 from the reading on pages 188-189. Oftentimes, the simplest pieces of horror are the most startling. The genre of horror is most famously recognized for its fantastical m (More)
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