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Week 10 Practicum: Digital Solutions Still Require Real-Life Connections
Digital Solutions Still Require Real-Life Connections The Center for American War Letters at Chapman University (More)
Week 9 Practicum: The Bipolar Experience of Modern Archival Work
American film mogul Orson Welles famously said, “There are only two emotions in a plane: boredom and terror.” One might also posit the world of record keeping carries a similar burden of being pegged to extremes, perhaps somewhere between “forgettabl (More)
Archive Practicum
Chapman University’s Center for American War Letters is an admirable and incomparable pursuit of one tragic aspect of the American experience— war. Through collecting wartime correspondence (be it letters, emails, or photographs), this archive is abl (More)
Center for American War Letters Digitization Proposal
Chapman has collected a unique archive in the Center for American War Letters (CAWL). These letters were given to Chapman with the understanding that the letters would be used for historical scholarship. In order to fulfil the trust of the donors, Ch (More)
Scarcity or Abundance: The Choice Must be Ours
In the book Matched, by Allie Condie, only 100 stories, songs, and poems were preserved by the totalitarian government. Naturally, the heroine discovers a poem that the government had deemed too revolutionary to be preserved, and she is inspired by i (More)
Scarcity and Abundance Practicum
My first thoughts direct me to feel more concerned over the idea of abundance. Rosenzweig points out that “the Google search engine … gets 300,000 hits [, which] should make us consider that future historians may face information overload.” Obviously (More)
Week 1 Practicum Reflection - Participating as Crowdsourced Labor
For my crowdsourced transcription project, I registered for Addressing Health (one way to feel empowered as a non-essential worker during More)
Week 5 Practicum: Layers of Information Hiding in Plain Sight
When we practiced using the Arc-GIS tools in our digital humanities course this week, I was already excited because I knew what the end-product could l (More)
StoryMaps Practicum
I know that I've worked with Voltaire's Candide in other assignments. Even so, I felt compelled to investigate Candide with a StoryMap since, like most picaresque novels, its plot unfolds in a chaotic number of places. Seeing the events of the narrat (More)
StoryMaps Practicum
In her essay “Humanities Approaches to Graphical Display,” Johanna Drucker writes: “the rendering of statistical information into graphical form gives it a simplicity and legibility that hides every aspect of the original interpretative framework (More)
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