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Post Tour
This trip to Japan was unlike any other experience that I have had. Visiting Asia was always something that I dreamed of doing, so getting the opportunity to do so alongside great friends and a knowledgable professor really allowed me to absorb what (More)
Post Tour
This trip was truly a once in a lifetime experience. Through sightseeing, trying new foods and exploring on our own I was able to use what I have learned in the classroom and apply it in real life. Not only was I able to use my past communication kno (More)
Post Trip Blog Post: Understanding Japanese Culture
As most of us communication majors know, communication is deeply influenced by culture and their particular values and beliefs. One specific aspect we discussed is the individualistic cultures vs collectivistic cultures. The United States is centered (More)
Post-Japan Thoughts
Our trip to Japan brought us many new experiences and learning opportunities. Exploring the various cities and lifestyles of Japan helped me further understand the differences and similarities between Japanese culture and American culture in regards (More)
Post Tour- Understanding Culture
By participating in the COM329 Japan Travel course I have gained a much more in-depth insight and understanding of culture and communication. The Japanese use a high-context communication style, which is far different from the US who fall under a low (More)
Post Tour
While in Japan, it was amazing to see the similarities and differences between Japanese culture and the American culture I have grown up with. One concept discussed in lecture prior to leaving for the trip was individualism and collectivism. In Japan (More)
Culture and Communication
This trip was an amazing experience for me. Not only did I have such an amazing time overall I also learned and gained so much knowledge and experience. Traveling, specially in Japan, has taught me the importance of nonverbal communication. When we a (More)
Post-Trip: Cultured from a Young Age
I am so grateful for this eye-opening travel course because Japan is definitely the culture I have visited with the most differences from the Western countries I have seen so far. I was born in France and grew up in the U.S. with French parents, so l (More)
Post- Tour
This trip challenged me in more ways than I ever expected it to. It influenced my understanding of culture, communication, as well as future goals for myself. To begin, the culture of Japan was much different than the culture here in the United State (More)
Paper Topic
For my final paper, I’m going to look at how Japanese animation (particularly Studio Ghibli) portrays food versus how American animation does it. I’ve noticed that Studio Ghibli always takes special care with how the food looks in their films. Not on (More)
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