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BMES 2020: Impact of Asymmetrical Muscle Fatigue on Gait among College Students
Impact of Asymmetrical Muscle Fatigue on Gait among College Students Tiffany Lubrino1, Armond Gray1, Shannon Toy1, Christopher De Leon1, Mirai Manatad1, Nathaniel Addonizio1, Lexi Nehls1, Amir Memarian1 ,Christopher Hoang1&2, Michael Shiraishi1, (More)
Welcome to our Summer 2019 Interns!
Team: This year we have 5 interns joining us: Norah Nyangau, Samuel Chan, Nihar Nanjappa, Michael Shiraishi, Mckyla Grant-Beuttler. They bring v (More)
BMES 2020: Effects of Fatigue on Motor Unit Activation
Effects of Fatigue on Motor Unit Activation Shannon Toy1, Christopher De Leon1, Mirai Manatad1, Tiffany Lubrino1, Armond Gray1, Christopher Hoang1&2, Michael Shiraishi1, Rahul Soangra1&3 1Crean College of Health and Behavioral Sciences, Cha (More)
DPT Students - Stimuli that Affect Gait Parameters
For these experiments, a biomechanics class of 20 DPT students volunteered to conduct their own tests on multiple factors that affect gait parameters such as stride length and sway. Dividing themselves into 3 groups of 10, the students used 3 differe (More)
Crean College Research Night 2019
Thank you to all at the Crean College Research Night for the great time! It was wonderful to meet and greet everyone who is passionate about science. Tonight was the first time Christopher Hoang and Michael Shiraishi unveiled their project involving (More)
Building a Platform for the GRAIL
Chris Hoang is a whiz at constructing things. He built this removable platform for our GRAIL system for an upcoming study (more on this soon). When designing the platform, Chris had to consider the multiple factors from material properties to ease (More)
Spring 2020 - Quantifying muscle fatigue and gait asymmetry of college athletes using motor units
This past spring 2020, student researchers (Shannon Toy, Tiffany Lubrino, Armond Gray, CJ De Leon, Amir Memarian, and Mimi Manatad) explored the effects of single leg fatigue on gait and balan (More)
Engineering Therapy to assist Toe-Walkers
Toe walking is a style of walking in which a child walks on the balls of his/her feet without heels touching the ground.  In our lab, we are designing an intervention technique that promotes plantar extension in children. In the case of our experimen (More)
Bed Sore Sensors: PCBs and Enclosures
I spent the week 3D printing these enclosures for the bed sensor electronics and LCD display. Sleeping in one position too long causes bedsores due to extended applied pressure on local vasculature. We ho (More)
Device for the Improvement of Neuronal Feedback: Sub-Threshold Tactors
This is a quick instructional video our research associate, Henry Do, made to help doctor of physical therapy (DPT) students learn about the device they'll be using for data collection for their capstone studies. Good luck you guys! [video src="ht (More)
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