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Food Blog Post: Tempura Lunch
On our first day out in Tokyo we went to a tempura lunch after visiting a few temples. Tempura is typically vegetables, and seafood are battered and then deep fried. Some of the ones we were served were whitefish, shrimp, onion, squid, potato, cucumb (More)
Food Blog Post - Cup Noodles
When visiting Osaka, I went to the Cup Noodles Museum. The best part of the museum was that you could make your own cup of instant noodles to bring home! After getting to decorate the cup, they filled it with noodles. Then we were able to choose five (More)
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One day our whole class went to a traditional fish market in Tokyo. We stopped at a restaurant where they had a variety of bowls which are called Donburi. The specific type of Donburi I tried is called Kaisendon which is a bowl with rice and fresh ra (More)
Food Blog Post- Japanese Pancakes
The first food stop in Osaka I chose was Japanese pancakes. The pancakes were so different than pancakes here in the US. They were super thick, fluffy and full of flavor. They tasted like a normal pancake, however, the texture was much different. The (More)
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In Osaka, I went to the restaurant, Ichiran. Here I had some of the best ramen. Prior to Japan, I had never been to a restaurant like this one. Every person had their own private section to eat in. There were also no interactions with the cooks or wa (More)
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Food: Tonkatsu
The food that I was most pleasantly surprised by in Japan was the tonkatsu. I’ve had tonkatsu in the U.S. plenty of times before, and it was always fairly mediocre. I had no idea it would taste so much better in Japan. In the U.S., the breading alway (More)
Kawaii Monster Cafe
One of my meals in Japan was at a restaurant called the Kawaii Monster Cafe. This place is a famous restaurant, so we made a reservation before going. This was the most colorful and unique restaurant I have ever been to. I ordered noodles, and when t (More)
Anpan: A Strangely Satisfying Sweet Bun
Anpan – A Japanese sweet bun filled with red bean paste I stopped by a bakery to check (More)
The Sweetest Shop In Japan
Japan is known for its savory and flavorful dishes, but one of my favorite foods that we had was the traditional Japanese sweets, or wagashi, that we made and (More)
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