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Followup Notes on Week 13
Hi folks -- Good going on the review session this week. You can find the PDF of all that was written here. The first few pag (More)
Followup Notes for Week 12
Hey folks -- Your sequences have arrived! As we discussed, you may find them at: The username is "c164850" and the password is "bio209". Your sequences are in the folder "S16_ (More)
Followup Notes for Week 11
Hey folks -- Your samples have been sequenced and the results look good. What's in those inserts? Did you get Jacaranda GAPC after all? Was there contamination? All will be revealed tomorrow... Here's a recap of the plan for our last three meet (More)
Followup Notes for Week 10
Hey folks -- Notice The RE digest lab writeup is due April 26th, and not this coming Tuesday, April 19th: you have an extra week. Congrats on polishing off all the lab work for the semester in 208L! We saw a lot of GAPC sized bands this week. C (More)
Followup Notes for Week 9
Hey folks -- At this point, you've got two information-filled samples sitting in the freezer. First, you've got the plasmids you extracted from their hosts, in all their circular glory. Then, you've got your completed digests, with vector cleaved (More)
Followup Notes for Week 8
Hey folks -- I hope Tuesday's was a transformative experience for you, or at least for your microbes. You can look forward to finding out whether you have successful little clone-farms this coming week. More)
Followup Notes for Week 7
Hey folks – Good going in last week's ligation lab. If all went well, your 1 vector:1 insert-rich ligation products have been chilling in the fridge. Post-lab study guide questions are More)
Followup Notes for Week 6
Hey folks -- We've seen what our gels had to say about our PCR prowess and purified those products. Now we move towards cloning those hopefully-GAPC-1/GAPC-2 sequences into some bacterial buddies, beginning with ligation next week. Your gel pho (More)
Followup Notes for Week 5
Hey folks -- Very cool to see some bands in our gels! Looking good. And, if you didn't see bands, no biggie, sometimes they'll become visible after the second round of PCR. For Next Tuesday Coats, shoes, long pants! Prep for quiz on MathB (More)
Followup Notes for Week 4
Hey folks -- Your first-round PCR reactions have finished and are now chilling in the freezer. Next week we'll have a chance to see whether there seems to be anything in there, when we run our first gel. 🙂 New study guide questions More)
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