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Persuasive Artifacts - Chpt. 7 & 8
  Chpt. 8   Dos Equis Body language/ Eye contact - Segrin (1993) Guéguen and Jacob (2002) Dos Equis’s “Most Interesting Man in the World” is known for his charm, charisma, and suave. He’s always relaxed and surrounded by attractive wom (More)
Persuasive Artifacts - Chapter 15
Hulu Hulu Initial Startup Screen          Many companies like Hulu use a consistent color or (More)
Persuasive Artifacts - Chapter 14
Hong Kong & Photojournalism Protesters occupying the legislative hall          We’ve se (More)
Persuasive Artifacts - Chapter 13

Persuasive Artifacts - Chpt. 3 & 4
Chapter 3:  Technique: RAA normative  This ad from uses visual and verbal persuasive messaging to communicate an intended normative belief about vaping to their target audience: teens. The descriptive norm (what people generally do (More)
Persuasive Artifacts - Chpt. 5 & 6
Chpt. 5 Gamification (Vanwesenbeeck, Walrave, & Ponnet, 2016; Panic, Cauberghe, & De Palsmacker, 2013)        The Fortnite and Star Wars collaboration event was a good example of children-focused marketing and gamification. Fortnite is (More)
Persuasive Message - Assignment #1
I saw a tattoo artist post an advertisement for a limited time promotion on their Instagram account offering two tattoos for the price of one the week of Valentine's day, for couples only. The ad featured a heart outline over a collage of matching ta (More)
Persuasive Artifacts - Chapter 10
Private Property Sign        This sign for warning people to stay off private property is an example of a persuasive message that uses the compliance gaining tactic of punishment. People who use this type of compliance gaining persuasive message see (More)
Persuasive Artifacts - Chapter 11
Woot [caption id="attachment_79" align="alignnone" width="449"] Woot Product Page

       Woot is a company that offers exclu (More)
Persuasive Artifacts - Chapter 9
Chpt. 9 Loss-framed - Nan (2012), Hull and Hong (2016), O’Keefe & Jensen (2009) This PSA about water use utilizes loss-framing to try and persuade viewers. The ad provides a catchy visual along with a list of the potential loss/damage one c (More)
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