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Chapter 4 - Image Management - Claire
This article was (More)
Chapter 3 - Cognitive Dissonance Theory - Claire
This article from Fox News that contains the (More)
Chapter 6 - Social Facilitation - Claire
I did not realize at the time, but I recently experienced social facilitation. I am currently being trained in a new location at work, and though I can't talk muc (More)
Chapter 6 - Indoctrination - Claire
This article details the horrific hazing rituals foun (More)
Chapter 8: Proxemics and Persuasion - Claire
Door to Door Salesman My front porch has two steps that lead from the porch to the front door. Usually when salespeople come by, they knock on the door then step (More)
Chapter 8: Artifacts and Physical Features - Claire
In this scene of Pretty Woman, Vivian Ward goes shopping in luxury stores and is refused service in on (More)
Chapter 15: Music and Branding - Claire The Super Bowl is known for its star-studded ads, so it’s no surprise that many of them contain musical stars. One from this most recent game is a Doritos ad featuring Old Town Road singer Lil Nas X. Dor (More)
Chapter 15: Ambient Aromas and Consumer Behavior - Claire
Disneyland is well known for its snacks. Whether you favor pretzels, popcorn, or churros you’re bound to smell them before you see them. These scents, though n (More)
Chapter 15: Color and Branding - Claire Phone companies are constantly comparing their service to one another, so they have to make sure their brand is recognizable and doesn’t get lost in the crowd. One way to do this is with color, which can (More)
Chapter 14: Art and Social Change - Claire
This mural by famous graffiti artist Banksy, is an excellent embodiment of the relationship between art and social change. Art is often used to criticize a (More)
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