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CHP 9 Subliminal
The book says, "Nan (2012) found that present-minded people, who tend to focus on the short-term consequences of their decisions, responded more favorably to loss-framed messages. However, future-minded people, who consider long-term consequences of (More)
CHP 9 Psychological Reactance
People do not like being told what to do. Because all people want the freedom to control how they think, feel, and behave, they may be motivated to rebel when their established beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors are threatened by persuasion. This r (More)
Chapter 9: Sorry but Not Sorry
Becky with the Good Persuasion When Beyonce dropped her visual album Lemonade, the world was shook with awe. Her years of silence conceived a musical dialogue on the (More)
Chapter 9: Enough to Last a Lifetime
While scrolling on Pinterest, I came across an ad by for Stasher, a reusable storage bag. Highlighting more of the product attributes, the ad copy utilizes logos. Visually pathos and ethos combine to provide and fresh and humble feel. The audience ca (More)
CHP 9 Mere Exposure Effect
Many companies will create catchy jingles or songs to help customers recognize their brand better and catch people's attention. For example, when you hear this played, you know it is about Stanley Steemer carpet cleaner. (More)
Chapter 9: Artifact 2: Loss Framed versus Gain Framed
There are two ways to frame a message, gain-frame and loss-frame messaging. A loss-frame messaging structure is when you focus on only the costs or things. A gain-frame messaging structure is when you focus on the positive outcomes.(Glass & Seite (More)
Chapter 9: Artifact 1: Repetition: Message repetition
The concept of message repetition is one that we see all around us, especially with the incoming age of social media and technology taking over our lives. It's basically said with the name itself, it's the fact that if a message is repeated, you'll s (More)
Ch 9: Artifact 1: Quality vs Quantity
Less is more. When I am trying to convince my dad to do something, he always tells me to not oversell. I was trying to convince him why he should pick me up from the airport when I come home for Thanksgiving and I was going on, and on, and on. (More)
Ch 9 : Artifact 2: Order Effects & Persuasion
It's always a hard decision whether to present your strongest argument first to lock the reader in or to give the strongest argument last to leave your audience thinking and close out strong. If a strong argument is first, it is called a climax ord (More)
Chapter 9: Forewarning
This artifact is a video of Floyd Mayweather and Connor McGregor conducting a pre-fight press conference. To build hype for their fights UFC fighters and boxers will hold these conferences. The audience in these press conferences is the fans as well (More)
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