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Chapter 4: Credibility
Credibility By: Ashley Nelsen Celebrity Endorsements : Most people like to think that seeing a celebrity-endorsed ad has no effect on them. Especially when it is obvious that the celebrity does not use the product or service that is being ad (More)
Chapter 4: Credibility
O'Keefe (2002) defines credibility as "judgements made by a perceiver concerning the believability of a communicator." Jennifer Anniston (More)
Chapter 4
Credibility *** This is an advertisement for a new electric Audi car that came out during the Super Bowl of 2020 commercials' break—one of the most televised events in the United States. It's (More)
CHP 4 Halo Effect/Endorsements
The book states that a source’s expertise doesn’t always have to be in the field in which he or she is attempting to persuade. Endorsements by famous persons enjoy a halo effect that allows them to carry their credibility to new, unrelated fields. (More)
Chapter 4: Image Restoration
On occasion, corporations, institutions, and government agencies commit blunders that damage their credibility. William Benoit (1995) (More)
Chapter 4: Goodwill
McCroskey and Teven (1999) suggest that goodwill is synonymous with perceived caring. That is, a source who seems to care about and ta (More)
CHP 4 Celeb/Influencer Endorsement
Consumers are relying more and more on social media platforms to purchase products than spokespersons (Weir, 2011). In fact, some people rate bloggers as more credible than traditional news media (O’Neil & Eisenmann, 2017). Considering all the (More)
Chapter 4: Artifact 1: Situational Sensitivity
In this chapter, I learned about situational sensitivity and learning to adjust the expectations to the situation at hand. Situational sensitivity is where you read a situation for what it really contains. (Glass & Seiter, 2018). It is also so (More)
Chapter 4: Artifact 2: Communication Resources
I think that communication resources are so relevant in society today because there are so many different mediums that communication messages can go through. And each one has its different meaning. For example, advertisers can use instagram, twitte (More)
Chapter 4: Artifact 2: The sleeper effect
The example I want to showcase is something I watch daily: drama channels covering beauty influencer drama. More specifically, the recent drama surrounding popular beauty blogger James Charles. Recently, a lot of new drama channels have been popping (More)
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