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Chapter 3: Attitudes and Consistency
1. Branding This movie clip of the iconic Disney intro is an example of how a company can focus heavily on branding and creating positive attitudes (Eagly & Chaiken, 1993, p.1) and experiences in (More)
Chapter 3
Attitudes and Consistency *** This is a seasonal sandwich of pork with BBQ sauce created by McDonald's fast-food restaurants. It's advertised in th (More)
Cognitive Dissonance Theory CDT - Festinger 1957 - explains how people rationalize contradictory decisions and behaviors in their own minds and to other people. "The basic idea is that after making a decision or performing a behavior, a person worrie (More)
CHP 3 Normative Beliefs/CSR
Many consumers now and days want to make the world a better place (and many now want to do so through their purchases). Corporate Social Responsibility and Cause-Related Marketing is becoming very important and prominent in companies today. CRM makes (More)
CHP 3 Brand Personalities/ELM
Now and days, it is very important to have a brand image. It is even more significant to have a brand personality so consumers feel like they can relate to you and your company. Brands are inspired with human qualities with which consumers identified (More)
WWII Propaganda | Reasoned Action Approach (RAA)
The featured propaganda poster utilizes the Reasoned Action Approach (RAA) by emphasizing the attitudes of behavior in the viewers. It pe (More)
Chapter 3: Buyers Remorse
This weekend my girlfriend was complaining about buying all of these clothes online because when they came in the mail she was saying that the clothes that she buys never fit, they don't look as good, or they "don't come out the right way" whatever t (More)
Chapter 3: Artifact 1: Expression Games
Expression games can be very confusing and can cause a lot of conflict. In expression games, the persuader tries to sell something in a "sneaky" way in my opinion. (Glass & Seiter, 2018). Meanwhile, the persuadee (More)
Chapter 3: Artifact 2: RAA (Reasoned Action Approach)
The Reasoned Action Approach (RAA) says that your intention is the best predictor of behavior. You can predict that the stronger someone's attention is, the more they will be likely to do it. First, you need to figure out someone's existing beliefs (More)
Chapter 3: Artifact 2: Buyer's remorse/ dissonance
Something I experience almost daily, as I'm sure many of you do is the concept of buyer's remorse. For those of you who don't know, buyer's remorse is where you regret buying something because of, for instance, you found out it went on sale the next (More)
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