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Chapter 15: Esoteric Forms of Persuasion (Part 2)
Chapter 15 By: Ashley Nelsen 1. Aroma:       Aroma can affect mood or emotion, task performance, and shopping behavior. Abrercombie& Fitch, Brandy Melville, and Disneyland are examples of places that use aroma to influence consumer's (More)
Chapter 15: Esoteric Forms of Persuasion
By Cece Nguyen 1. Color   More)
CHP 15 Color
Glossier  is a well known beauty brand. They are known for their pink color branding. The color pink is very feminine, romantic, sweet and associated with love. It is a very nurturing and comforting color as well. It is often used to target women (More)
CHP 15 Scent
Sensory marketing is a big part of affecting a customer's behavior, perception, or judgment. Smell can play a very important role in the process of persuasion."Selling smells is a big business." Cinnabon does a good job at using this to their adva (More)
CHP 15 Brand Color
"Not only do corporations use logos to identify their brands, they also rely on color. Color is “a central aspect of a brand’s visual identity” (Labrecque, Patrick, & Milne, 2013, p. 193). According to one source, color can increase brand recogn (More)
Chapter 15: Artifact 1: Color and Branding
The example I'm going to present today is based around the concept of color and branding. As the book tells us, color is a "central aspect of a brand's visual identity." (Glass & Seiter, 2018). This is commonly seen in the famous "hype-beast" bra (More)
Chapter 15: Artifact 2: Perfume
Just recently, I went into a Bath and Body Works, a shop known for its various soaps, candles, and overall scented items. At this time in particular I went during the beginning of what I like to call the "holiday madness." They had everything decked (More)
Ch 15: Artifact 1: Color as a brand
Some brands become synonymous with their color. (Gass & Seiter, 2018). This is a good technique to connect people's memories with a brand. For example, yesterday I was reading a magazine and saw something blue and white with block letters, this (More)
Chapter 15: Background Music - Shop Till you Drop   We all know that come Christmas time when you enter a store all of a sudden you hear welcoming Christmas music. The music makes you keep shopping. You do not want to leave a store with good mus (More)
Chapter 15: Color and Branding
When some people think of the color bright orange some of them think about Tide / Tide Pods. Tide has chosen a unique color for the branding of their product. It is recognized so easily. Because of this fact Tide dominates the laundry detergent indus (More)
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