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Blog #8
Symbolic Convergence Perspective on Ready Player One What are the motives attribut (More)
Blog #7
A Neo-Marxist Perspective on When The Streetlights Go On Reinforce or Oppose Hegemony Regarding Materialism Before watching the entire program and just from watching the one minute trailer, I do believe (More)
Blog #7 | Neo-Marxist Analysis
Most Dangerous Game: Episode 1 - The Offer Introduction The Quibi show Most Dangerous Game is based on the short story of the same title by Richard Connell. In the (More)
Blog #6 | Dramatistic Analysis
Would You Rather Plot Iris is a young woman who, at the start of the film, has to start caring for her younger brother all on her own after their parents passed away in an accident. Her younger brother (More)
Blog #6
A Dramatistic Analysis of "You" The Netflix original, "YOU", is an American psychological thriller television series, where the main character, Joe, falls in love (More)
Blog #5 | Responding to Critical Analyses
Black Mirror: "Nosedive"   1 • Setting "Imprisonment by Consent" by Alkim Erolpag (More)
Blog #5
They Say/I Say--Responding to Black Mirror's "Nosedive" Black Mirror is a British science fictional series that examines modern society, with regard to consequences (More)
Blog #4
Narrative Analysis: Mike Bloomberg's 2020 Campaign Ad Setting The setting of this video is at the narrator's own home in Houston, Texas. Her home creates a sense of nostalgia and shows that everyday people, like hersel (More)
Blog #3
A Neo-Aristotelian Analysis  George Saunders's speech, "Failures of Kindness" More)
Blog #3 | A Neo-Aristotelian Analysis
"What Matters More Than Talent" by Jeff Bezos Transcript of the Speech Rhetorical Situation The sp (More)
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