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When writing is like gardening
"Bad work is the manure from which good work emerges." -- Harold Clurman Harold Clurman (Theater Director/Critic) (1901-1980) More)
Audience Involvement
“When a film is good the spectators feel like they are the actors of the film. What I love in film is not to watch the film, but to live the film. I try to make films in which the public can live the film and not just look at it. Our stories interest (More)
And, why not?
“If you tell the world you want to do anything, you will be slapped across the face with a big floppy [weiner] of 'Why.'  Why? Why do you think you can do that? Why are you saying this all of a sudden? Why now? Why...   You can’t get anything  don (More)
Mining for Insecurities
“So much of our writing process consists of us just sitting in a room talking for hours, and seeing what we both spark to.  For [Everything Sucks], we would constantly look through our old yearbooks, and be reminded of some ridiculous and poignant me (More)
Comedy vs Reality
"Generally, comedy is a person in trouble; it's a person dealing with a situation that they're ill-equipped to handle. And we knew that the real-life event, no matter how traumatic, was basically us — me and her parents — dealing with an event that w (More)
Relationships, relationships, relationships
"Movies are not about a person; they’re about a relationship. All of them are about a relationship. There’s some central relationship in every movie, and that’s what stories are.” --  Chris Miller  More)
Screenwriting as poetry
"As a schoolgirl, I thrilled at the power of poetry to exclude everything other than the poem itself, to let a few lines of verse make a whole world. Writing for film is no different. Emma Thompson once said that writing a screenplay was like trying (More)
Helpful muse
Jim C. Hines (Author) Hines is a fant (More)
“What I find in the films that I've made as a director and a writer, is that for me it's  important to have a very deep emotional connection to the [characters]. Because minus that it's sketches. And you can do sketches but then they're gone and it's (More)
Make Things
“You need to make things and not be so precious about whether they’re any good or not. Because I have a secret for you, they’re not good. They’re flawed, and you need to find out what the flaws are as fast as possible.” -- Phil Lord More)
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