Securing Earth Presentation

After attending the Securing Earth Talk, with Richard Mathew, he elaborated on the topic of environmental conflict. Matthew argued that the rise of environmental tension is correlated with the presence of violence (Matthew, 2009). While serving for numerous countries for the United Nations, Matthew examined the relationship of poverty and environmental deterioration. According to Richard Mathew, the 20th century played a critical role in shaping the relationship between poverty and environmental destruction (Matthew, 2009). An example Matthew discusses in Richard Mathew’s presentation is the impact of the Cold War, which took place during the 20th century. Continue reading

The impact of climate change on people in poverty and possible solutions

My research focused on three aspects: climate change, people with lower socioeconomic status, and sustainability. It is hard to understand how all of them relate. My paper attempts to examine the impacts that climate change and the increase of frequency and intensity of natural disasters has on people in poverty and analyzes possible sustainable solutions.

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Incels, Social Media, and Violence: Summary of Findings

After much reflection I settled on the question What role has social media played in violence perpetrated by Incels? to guide my research.

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Identity of Children in Northern Ireland

My research has been done on specific parts of an individuals identity, focusing on children in the Northern Ireland Conflict. The Northern Ireland Conflict, often called The Troubles, is a conflict that lasted about fifty years during the second half of the twentieth century. It occurred between those who ideally sided with the British government, often British Protestants and those in opposition, the Irish Catholics who at this time were seeking civil rights.

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The Effect of Separation Barriers on Dehumanization: Case of Israel/Palestine

Witnessing the separation barriers in Israel/Palestine and their effects on the daily lives of Palestinians and their families left quite an impression on me; especially since it reminded me of the U.S./Mexico border wall and how it separates families and keeps people from their jobs. As I examined these two cases of separation barriers and studied the nature of conflict and conflict resolution, I noticed that much of the time people’s prejudice and lack of knowledge or understanding of the other side lead to feelings of animosity towards the other group.

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Islamophobia in the United States of America

My Senior Capstone project discusses on how the United States of America’s media represents both the Islamic religion and the religious minority group of Muslims. In addition, my research elaborates on how the media, specifically film, portrays the religion and the individuals on the big screen. The study focuses on how the American audience interpret such negative presentations of the minority group, and the religion. Additionally, the study discusses on how with such portrayals contributes to the consistent rise of Islamophobia, in the United States.


In order for me to able to gather findings and evidential information for my research, during this past semester, I expanded my findings by discussing on various Peace Studies theories. The theories I used for my research are as follows: The Critical Race Theory, Labelling Theory, Racial Stereotyping, and Cultivation Theory. The reason why I chose these theories is so that it could help me to be able to have concrete arguments when writing a complex topic.

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Aesthetic Activism

Image result for wendy's boycottMy senior capstone project is an exploration of the reach of art in social movements, specifically in the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW).  The paper begins with an introduction to the farm labor industry in Florida. It describes the problems that farmworkers face including instances of modern-day slavery as well as other human rights abuses.  It also describes the economic factors such as low pay that farmworkers deal with. In describing art I use the term “creative action.” This term covers multiple items that are used by the CIW such as posters, banners, protest puppets, and other physical items that were used in the CIW’s multiple campaigns.  This term can also cover more abstract forms of art such as theater performances and musical performances. The literature I looked at described theories that I used in my broader paper especially social movement theory that describes the purpose of different types of art. For example, performances such as the farmworker theater the CIW employs uses a theory called popular education that describes how the information demonstrated is learned by the audience.  I use this theory to analyze how these pieces of art affect viewers through social media. I also use elements of social movement theory to describe how art is created and why. Continue reading

Securing Earth: Richard Matthew Discussion

At the talk, “Securing Earth,” Richard Matthew discussed the intersection of the environment and conflict, arguing that increased environmental stress is correlated with violent conflict. In studying the interaction of extreme poverty and environmental degradation over the course of his career in several countries and for the UN, Matthew discovered that there is a connection between the environment and poverty, as well as between the environment and conflict.

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The Impact of Gender Considerations on UN Peacekeeping: A Comparison of UN Peacekeeping Missions in Liberia and Sierra Leone

In addressing gender disparities and inequalities within UN peacekeeping, Resolution 1325 was instituted by the Security Council, making gender concerns a formal requirement in peacekeeping missions. By forcing the inclusion of women in mission leadership positions and the adoption of policies and actions that respect gender differences, the gender mainstreaming requirements of Resolution 1325 aim to reduce local inequalities (S/RES/1325). The impact of Resolution 1325 is what inspired by senior capstone. My study focuses on how an increased focus on gender concerns positively impacts UN peacekeeping efforts, thereby resulting in a more durable peace.


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Cultural Perceptions of Performing Arts Careers: A Look at Career Access in America and a Discussion of Diversity

Diversity and representation have become hot topics in today’s discourse. Hollywood and performing arts communities have often been the face of this conversation. However, how can we understand diversity in a different way? Instead of acknowledging increased numbers of people from marginalized communities in successful positions at the top, we should be analyzing diversity from the ground up. How many individuals have access to these opportunities? My research analyzed current diversity trends, scholarly articles, and survey results in order to strategize how to create more representative diversity, specifically in the performing arts, in order to achieve diversity through accessibility. Continue reading