Keep Calm and Write SomethingAs a junior I have been producing stories in my various directing and screenwriting classes for my Film Production major. However, it has been awhile since I’ve attempted any poetry and not written in any screenplay format. As I grew up and learned how to write, I often composed short stories in my journals. I came up with characters and world through my imagination. In middle school and high school I remember writing short stories often a couple poems, but it had been awhile coming into this class. When we broke out into groups to share our first poems, my nervousness went away. I realized that each student’s poems gave unique glimpses into how other people see and perceive the world around them. Writing the first poem, I was surprised how if I just let my brain flow, the words would come right out. One thing I have learned most is how to focus on a solid through-line in my writing. Giving a core message or theme to whatever piece it is that I’m working on. I’ve gained strengths from this class that I hope to carry on in my screenwriting and filmmaking career. Seeing how I am also and english minor, I will definitely be using the techniques I’ve learned in class for all of my future writing.


This Land is Dead                                                This Land is Alive


this grass is dead                                                    the trees are dancing


the bushes cut                                                         the flowers blossom


these roots broken                                                  these colors extravagant


growth has been shut                                             life has been awesome


no matter the water                                                no matter the smells


no matter the soil                                                    no matter the thrills


this land has been stripped                                   this land is growing


and left in turmoil                                                   amongst wide open hills


forget this place and don’t come back                 remember this place, and come back


it’s dead                                                                      it’s alive


this land is dead                                                        this land is alive