Practice Makes Poetry

Finding My Voice.

1134_rarmantroutOf all the poets, I found Rae Armantrout’s form of writing to most interesting to me. Especially with her poem “Negotiations”, she very carefully structures the sections of oh her writing. I like how she only uses 3-4 lines before indenting a space between each section. Each word is very powerful, and the lines she singles out hit me hard as a reader. In her poem “Lie” she uses the spaces between each statement. “I’d like to hold these”, then she goes to the next line with “in reserve”. She then clearly separates this statement with the next “Protect our identity” by using a “2” between the lines. I attempted to “imitate” her form of writing in my own poem “”This Land is Dead”. I separate each thought I write down, and leave single worded lines where its necessary, like how I separated “lifeless” from the rest of the lines in that stanza.

this grass is dead


the bushes cut

these roots broken

growth has been shut

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