My Experiences with Poetry

I’ve never gone out of my way to read a lot of poetry out there, most of my experience comes from the classroom. From what teachers exposed me to, I know that I am particularly fond of some of the works of Edgar Allan Poe and Walt Whitman.


MTE5NTU2MzE2NDA0ODExMjc1Their writing is always profound, deep, and feels very personal. I like when I feel my own emotions overwhelming me through each visual description or comparison that I read. Poetry can sometimes tell its own short story, or just describe a situation in the moment. I like when poems have a sort of rhythm to them, even if they don’t rhyme. I also believe that some of the most powerful poems can be the shorter ones. When I’ve tried to write poetry, I think a lot about structure and having a connection between the opening words and the last. I listen to a lot of music, and even though I’m not reading them, the lyrics of songs I hear are very poetic most of the time. If I like a song enough, I’ll google the lyrics and read them for inspiration.


This story follows a brother and sister relationship from their early stages of childhood to adulthood. As they grow up before the reader’s eyes, they face the challenges of a broken family. The shape of my story is very much based on the classic “Man in Hole” structure. The story starts off with Leo (10) and his older sister Nicki (13) playing pretend in their living room. Suddenly their life is changed when their parents break the news of their decision to divorce. Leo’s character is the most emotionally effected and as he grows up in the family he faces more challenges that make his life seem more miserable. Ultimately, the rise up to a normal happy life again doesn’t happen gradually. In a final scene, Leo is 18 and his sister is now 23. They end up in the same playroom from the beginning. As they are unpacking boxes, they connect. Laura thought she could graduate and live independently from her parents, Leo thought he could keep things going with his girlfriend. Laura explains how people come and go, and you can’t really plan your future. They realize they will always have each other; it’s unconditional love.