Character Quirks and THE WORLD AROUND YOU

People’s physical quirks are very funny. I was sitting in the Piazza observing people’s conversations. I looked over at a group of guys approach some girls at a table who were selling something. One guy constantly touched and scratched his right arm while talking. I saw this as a very interesting quirk, it showed nervousness and hesitancy. He probably expresses this movement in similar situations.

Speech Patterns stand out a lot, especially after talking to my closest friends for a long time. When things get argumentative, I notice repetition a lot. My one friend always begins his statements with “here’s the thing” or “actually though”. He could easily continue his conversation fine without using these statements, but he uses them anyways.

One of my friends from Minnesota has the tiniest hint of an accent. When he says the word “bag” he pronounces the A very strongly. When every he says sorry, he emphasizes the O, and it sounds like “Sooorey”. Also the word fine, like he says like “fowine”. My friends and i always call him out on it.

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