Samwise Gamgee

Character name:

Samwise Gamgee


Sam is Frodo Baggins’ gardener. He inherited this position after his father.

Family members and/or significant others:
After his family passed away he devoted his life to Frodo Baggins. He refers to him as “Mr. Frodo”, he is his best friend.

Personality traits:
Extremely loyal, loves nature and is fond of fantastical stories of elves and the outside world.

Character history (where is he/she from?):
He has grown up in The Shire all his life and never ventured far from the area where he lives.

Highest level of education:
Unlike most hobbits he is completely literate after learning from Frodo and Bilbo.

Physical traits:
He is a somewhat more plump hobbit than Frodo. He is average hobbit height.

Biggest motivator:
His love for all living things and his companionship with Frodo. He would die for him. He also dreams to one day have a family with Rosie, a female hobbit.

Biggest fear:
Losing his friend would take a lot of purpose away from his life. Also losing The Shire is a big fear that motivates him to journey to Mordor.

Things he/she likes:
He loves flowers and plants alike. He loves adventurous stories about Middle Earth and its inhabitants. He also loves food, specifically bacon. Aside from his compassion for Frodo, he has a big crush on a local hobbit named Rosie.

Things he/she dislikes:
He dislikes the evil in the world, especially once the One Ring lands in Frodo’s possession. He dislikes chaos and when things are out of his control. He doesn’t like Frodo setting out on his own and is afraid of loosing him.

At first, Sam is revealed to be the gardener of bag-end. But as the story unfolds, he is revealed to be eavesdropping during Gandalf’s conversation with Frodo about the One-Ring and the evil of Sauron. Gandalf hears a noise from the garden and pulls Sam out from his hiding spot behind the window where he should have been “gardening”. Gandalf knows that Sam has a kind heart and didn’t intend to walk in on their conversation. As a sort of consequence for his actions, Gandalf chooses Sam to be Frodo’s main companion on his trip to Rivendell to seek answers.

I really love Samwise because he lives up to a lot of the ideals I hold personally. He is one of the most loyal characters ever written. At one point,¬†when¬†Frodo is at his weakest, Sam himself carries his friend up the mountain so he can complete his journey. Tolkien is one of my all time favorite writers, not only for the epic world he created, but for the intimate details and descriptions he uses. In high school, after watching the trilogy of films directed by Peter Jackson, I immediately picked up the books and read them to get more from the characters and the world Tolkien built. After revisiting the stories again and again, I’ve concluded that my favorite character in the series is Sam.



Samwise Gamgee

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  1. One of my favorite movies EVER!!! Sam is such a loyal friend, especially to Frodo… Amazing Character.

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