From Blank Page to Final Draft

When I attempt to write a script or even a class paper, I always begin the creative process by researching what I plan to write about. From that, I take what interested me, and what I feel I can elaborate on. I am a “big picture” thinker, so it is difficult for me to simply starting writing from the beginning of the script/paper. Once I’ve researched what I’m writing about, I create an outline. For stories, I consider locations and characters’ actions. I also develop various character arcs and the general themes/tones I want in my story. Once I have this path drawn out, I can begin to add smaller details like dialogue and descriptions to take up the bulk of the story. For class papers, I try to build a solid backbone to my argument or point I am making. I also follow the classic five- part structure; Intro and Thesis, then Proofs, Refutes, and a Conclusion. For whatever I write, I always have a couple peers ora family member read over what I’ve created. At the end of writing, I try to find a way to connect the beginning to the end,for example ‘book-ending”. This is important to me because I feel that it gives my writing a purpose when the4 beginning ties in to the end.

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  1. I agree that making an outline and doing the research first is the best way to have structure when writing. It’s cool that I’m not the only one that likes outlines.

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