Social Media Effects on our culture

Social media has been a major part of our daily lives. It totally effected our culture in positive and negative ways. There are so many positive impacts of social media on our culture. Social media increased the connections between people and created an environment in which you can share your opinions, pictures and lots of stuff. Social media improved creativity and social awareness for our society by interacting with other people and sharing new ideas and opinions. It is also important for any business because at some point, you need to use social media in your business.  Social media developed international business and marketing. People prefer to buy stuff online. Social media created an opportunity to widen your world and make new friends from other countries. It is easier to learn about breaking news on social media because it has unlimited access and flexibility. On the other hand, social media has influenced our culture in negative ways. People can share whatever they want to on social media and some of them might be inappropriate pictures.  People has become more conservative about each other’s point of view. People started to argue about each other’s perspective related to political view, religion, social rights and culture. Social media had negative effect on youth. It reduced physical activities. People prefer to sit all day in front of computers and chat. Social media also has influenced youth in negative ways. Kids might be affected and manipulated by some sites in which there is inappropriate information. The ugly part of social media is that there is tons of unnecessary information shared by people and also bullying and harassment on social media has been increased. People can make brutal and negative comments about anything and anyone. Social media has good, bad and ugly impacts on our culture.