Reflecting on Your Analysis

In this week’s post, I am going to talk about the reflection of my paper which is about analyzing a speech of a politician under the rhetorical terms. I learned lots of things from this assignment. I discovered that how advertisers use the rhetorical situation to sell their stuff as well as represent themselves in the open market. The discussion each element of rhetorical situation helped me to understand how they work together. The politician of my choice is completely use the rhetorical situation very well by bringing up a solution in response to a problem of minority group. She handles the problem in a different way and empathizes through the minority group regardless of negative opinions of her opponents in the election. I considered my audience, purpose, stance, context and genre when I was writing my paper. I focused on a specific minority group and supported the politician who stood up for the benefits of that minority group in her speech. I have never written a paper about an ad by analyzing its rhetorical situation. It was a good experience for me. I think I did a good job by choosing a speech of politician instead of a commercial of a product. The ad I chose demonstrates a social issue which is discrimination of a minority group due its race and identity and I believe that it is more important than advertising a product.

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Hey you guys. My name is Kerem. This is my first year at Chapman University. I am a business major. I am from Turkey. I studied high school in Springfield near Boston, then decided to come here because of the weather. The interesting fact about me is that I have a twin brother. He studies in University of San Diego. We used to fight a lot when we were young and didn't get along very well; however, we are really connected each other right now and I am glad because of that. Finally, It is good to know there is always someone you can rely on whenever you need.

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