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I am going to talk about the ad I chose in the fourth post of my blog.  My ad is about a speech of a politician. I analyze the rhetorical situation of her speech by showing the main points which makes her more effective than the other opponent candidates in the election. My position is that I am on her side and support her for upcoming presidential election.  After I read the ad, my reaction was very positive because I think she is the right person for the government due to her actions and behaviors. The opponent party candidates follow a hard attitude with zero tolerance on minority groups and abuse their civil rights by targeting themselves in the social media. It makes me very offended and feel sorry about them which pushes me to step up for them. The policy of the United States has always been based on civil and political rights in its long history as well as equal treatment for all. The first ten amendments of the constitution is about human rights and freedom, so I after I saw discriminations for a specific minority because of being a member of that minority group in the United States. As a result, I decided to support the opposite side and believe that most people think the same way I do. In my opinion, the most logical way to write a paper is organization of outline. If you organize your paper step by step from introduction to conclusion, it makes everything easier for you  and brings out a well-organized essay.

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About Kerem

Hey you guys. My name is Kerem. This is my first year at Chapman University. I am a business major. I am from Turkey. I studied high school in Springfield near Boston, then decided to come here because of the weather. The interesting fact about me is that I have a twin brother. He studies in University of San Diego. We used to fight a lot when we were young and didn't get along very well; however, we are really connected each other right now and I am glad because of that. Finally, It is good to know there is always someone you can rely on whenever you need.

3 thoughts on “My Ad for First Paper

  1. I think that it as great that you are confident in your opinion and aren’t afraid to let others know how you feel even if their take on things may be different than yours, thats a great quality to have. I also believe that utilizing the tool of an outline to get your paper organized and off to a good start is the right way to go.

  2. I definitely agree with the last point that you made about being well organized. I also like how you ended up choosing a speech for you paper, I think it is definitely a lot more interesting that just choosing a standard advert. Best of luck with your essay.

  3. It is interesting that you decided to inform your audience of your opinion as well as the rhetorical devices used. Also, picking a political ad whose rhetorical situation can be backed up by a source as credible as the constitution is very strong. Good decisions!

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