In the third post of my blog, I am going to talk about my experience for the first assignment of my English class by using a prewriting technique which is a writing to generate and express ideas in order to create a well-organized paper. At the beginning, it was hard to find an ad for my paper because when I see a commercial for any product on TV, I always change the channel. It is one of the habits I have, so my ad was supposed to be a documentary about something. Being a son of a politician in the government, it was easy for me to choose the best ad which was about politics. First of all, I made a little research to find the topic of my essay. Then, I listed every idea and information. And then, I circled ideas that interested me and came up with an ad that supported a politician for upcoming president election of United States. I took notes about my assignment and highlighted the significant ideas and ended up with a specific topic for my essay. After that ,I made a brief analysis about the rhetoric of the advertisement of my choice and compared and contrasted with the perspective of the opponent party to achieve the bullet points of my paper. Finally, I finished my analysis and made a game plan for my first paper.

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About Kerem

Hey you guys. My name is Kerem. This is my first year at Chapman University. I am a business major. I am from Turkey. I studied high school in Springfield near Boston, then decided to come here because of the weather. The interesting fact about me is that I have a twin brother. He studies in University of San Diego. We used to fight a lot when we were young and didn't get along very well; however, we are really connected each other right now and I am glad because of that. Finally, It is good to know there is always someone you can rely on whenever you need.


  1. I think that the way you organized your research and then the ad was really smart. I also thought that comparing and contrasting the ideals in the perspective of an opponent was especially clever because of the political context.

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