The Rhetorical Situation

For this week’s post, I am going to analyze the rhetorical situation of Sir Ken Robinson’s Ted Talk “Schools Kill Creativity”. The context of the Ted Talk is how the education system of public schools affects critical thinking and interpretation in negative ways. The structure of public schools is based on core courses math, science and history which makes the other creative classes such as art and music seem less important. For instance, I went to a public high school and some classes like art, music and photography were not required. They were elective courses because there is no question about art, music in SAT, ACT, etc. This causes that students do not take those types of classes unless they are interested in; however these classes are extremely efficient for child development including decision making, visual learning, social life and character. The audience of Sir Ken Robinson’s Ted Talk is students as well as people who are responsible of this. The purpose of Sir Ken Robinson is to change this system in order to make our generation better. After I watched the ted talk, I liked his stance on this issue in public schools because I agree with his point of view and totally support. I think he doesn’t argue for something, he tries to inform something clearly which makes his speech valuable and appealing for the society. His speech would less effective if he wrote a paper about this instead of making a speech. The Ted Talk of Sir Ken Robinson analyzes the issue that schools destroy creativity. His speech demonstrates that he is willingly to produce an action or change reality through his thoughts. He steps up to point out a common problem “lack of creativity” due to the system in public schools which brings out positive outcomes for parents, students and officials to notice and do something.

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  1. I agree that his speech would be much less effective if he wrote a paper instead of speaking it publicly. I also agree with his stance!

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