Social Media Effects on our culture

Social media has been a major part of our daily lives. It totally effected our culture in positive and negative ways. There are so many positive impacts of social media on our culture. Social media increased the connections between people and created an environment in which you can share your opinions, pictures and lots of stuff. Social media improved creativity and social awareness for our society by interacting with other people and sharing new ideas and opinions. It is also important for any business because at some point, you need to use social media in your business.  Social media developed international business and marketing. People prefer to buy stuff online. Social media created an opportunity to widen your world and make new friends from other countries. It is easier to learn about breaking news on social media because it has unlimited access and flexibility. On the other hand, social media has influenced our culture in negative ways. People can share whatever they want to on social media and some of them might be inappropriate pictures.  People has become more conservative about each other’s point of view. People started to argue about each other’s perspective related to political view, religion, social rights and culture. Social media had negative effect on youth. It reduced physical activities. People prefer to sit all day in front of computers and chat. Social media also has influenced youth in negative ways. Kids might be affected and manipulated by some sites in which there is inappropriate information. The ugly part of social media is that there is tons of unnecessary information shared by people and also bullying and harassment on social media has been increased. People can make brutal and negative comments about anything and anyone. Social media has good, bad and ugly impacts on our culture.

Open Letter

Hi everybody, in my second post, I am going to write an open letter to the next president of the United States. I would like to begin my letter by pointing out that I am not a supporter of both parties’ candidates because I believe that they both are not capable of being a president of the United States. While I am on the independent side, I am going to talk about my hopes and expectations for the future little bit. I want to see a country in which everybody is equal, I mean freedom and civil rights for all not only for major groups as well as minor groups in American society. American society is full of different cultures and customs. I aim to see everyone from different backgrounds, ethnicity and culture live in peace and harmony in the future. That is my biggest hope for the future. We need to solve the problem of racism. That topic has been one of the major issues of the United States for a long time and we still have it in today’s world. I want to live in a real united country. I would like to also mention to other problems of this country which are drug use, terrorism, the education system, corruption and social values. These are the other main problems we need to get rid of in order to develop and become a better country. I believe that the next president is going to go through these problems and do something to improve America and its generation. Before I close up my letter, I want to say one more thing for the next president. Please be careful of your words and actions because you are the one represents our country throughout the world and you have to be a good role model for young generations. Being a president of the United States brings huge responsibility and power. I hope that the next president is going to accomplish on this position and develop our country.  All I can say at this point is God bless America.

The Importance of a Flag

Hi, everyone. In my first post but not least, I am going to talk about the importance of a flag for a country. I believe that Flag means more than an object because it plays a significant role for countries. Its design and colors symbolizes countries and identify their values, beliefs and history in different ways. Each flag represents its own country and nation all around the world and conveys specific messages. For instance, the American flag stands for freedom, liberty and civil rights. There are 50 stars on the American flag. Each star represent each state in the United States. The 13 stripes represent the thirteen British colonies that declared independence from Great Britain. I am very dedicated to the flag of my country and care about it. When I see the flag of my country, I feel powerful emotions. It is like something I cannot describe. It just happens all the time because of the environment and society I grow up. In my opinion, every person should show respect and honor to each flag doesn’t matter which flag of a country. I am totally against protests by burning flags because if you oppose to the policies of your government, you should show it in different ways not like making the flag of your country as part of your protest. You punish yourself and your nation when you burn your flag or step on it rather than your government. Burning flags must be something people shouldn’t apply in protests. I don’t agree with this type of actions. In my opinion, governments should follow more strict and deterrent policies on people who insult their flags and set laws in order to avoid that issue. With 9/11 approaching this Sunday. I have nothing to say because I feel bad and sorry for the losses and their families. All I can say is to wish peace throughout the world.

Subcultures, Cultures and Class

Hi everyone, for this week’s post, I am going to write an outline for the essay “Subcultures, Cultures, and Class” in The Subcultures Reader. It is a theoretical overview of different subcultures. The article of Subcultures, Cultures and Class focus on youth cultures and their different aspects from their parent culture. Youth subculture is defined as the ways young generation manage their lives by the different aspects of life including social values, practices, personal interests, music, attitude, vocabulary, clothes and sports. The concept of youth cultures is distinguished by age, behaviors, generation from the cultures of older generations in society.  Even tough, there are some similarities to other subcultures, the youth subculture is a life style based on costume, appearance, language, ritual customs, different styles of music. They are really independent and as well as care about social values as trust, respect, love and determination. Subcultures, Cultures and Class article emphasis the youth culture. The theme of the article is education. Paul E. Willis points out the social problems and challenges the youth subcultures face in their lives as a group in the article. When the author talks about the youth who joined a new community by transferring to another school demonstrates that how the youth generation deals with the changes in their lives. The cultures of older generations influence the youth subcultures because of being dominant cultures in society. Paul E. Willis says that youth subcultures form up on the terrain of social and cultural life. Some youth subcultures are regular and persistent features of the parent class structure: the ill-famed culture of delinquency of the working class- culture. I totally agree with the statement of author because the youth subcultures may treat in a different way by the effect of society and parent culture. Finally, the youth subcultures may differ from the main culture of older generations and live their lives based on the basic fundamentals of their cultures and traditions. They face social issues and challenges in the society they live in and respond them in a way their culture related to as a group.

Reflecting on Your Analysis

In this week’s post, I am going to talk about the reflection of my paper which is about analyzing a speech of a politician under the rhetorical terms. I learned lots of things from this assignment. I discovered that how advertisers use the rhetorical situation to sell their stuff as well as represent themselves in the open market. The discussion each element of rhetorical situation helped me to understand how they work together. The politician of my choice is completely use the rhetorical situation very well by bringing up a solution in response to a problem of minority group. She handles the problem in a different way and empathizes through the minority group regardless of negative opinions of her opponents in the election. I considered my audience, purpose, stance, context and genre when I was writing my paper. I focused on a specific minority group and supported the politician who stood up for the benefits of that minority group in her speech. I have never written a paper about an ad by analyzing its rhetorical situation. It was a good experience for me. I think I did a good job by choosing a speech of politician instead of a commercial of a product. The ad I chose demonstrates a social issue which is discrimination of a minority group due its race and identity and I believe that it is more important than advertising a product.

My Ad for First Paper

I am going to talk about the ad I chose in the fourth post of my blog.  My ad is about a speech of a politician. I analyze the rhetorical situation of her speech by showing the main points which makes her more effective than the other opponent candidates in the election. My position is that I am on her side and support her for upcoming presidential election.  After I read the ad, my reaction was very positive because I think she is the right person for the government due to her actions and behaviors. The opponent party candidates follow a hard attitude with zero tolerance on minority groups and abuse their civil rights by targeting themselves in the social media. It makes me very offended and feel sorry about them which pushes me to step up for them. The policy of the United States has always been based on civil and political rights in its long history as well as equal treatment for all. The first ten amendments of the constitution is about human rights and freedom, so I after I saw discriminations for a specific minority because of being a member of that minority group in the United States. As a result, I decided to support the opposite side and believe that most people think the same way I do. In my opinion, the most logical way to write a paper is organization of outline. If you organize your paper step by step from introduction to conclusion, it makes everything easier for you  and brings out a well-organized essay.


In the third post of my blog, I am going to talk about my experience for the first assignment of my English class by using a prewriting technique which is a writing to generate and express ideas in order to create a well-organized paper. At the beginning, it was hard to find an ad for my paper because when I see a commercial for any product on TV, I always change the channel. It is one of the habits I have, so my ad was supposed to be a documentary about something. Being a son of a politician in the government, it was easy for me to choose the best ad which was about politics. First of all, I made a little research to find the topic of my essay. Then, I listed every idea and information. And then, I circled ideas that interested me and came up with an ad that supported a politician for upcoming president election of United States. I took notes about my assignment and highlighted the significant ideas and ended up with a specific topic for my essay. After that ,I made a brief analysis about the rhetoric of the advertisement of my choice and compared and contrasted with the perspective of the opponent party to achieve the bullet points of my paper. Finally, I finished my analysis and made a game plan for my first paper.

The Rhetorical Situation

For this week’s post, I am going to analyze the rhetorical situation of Sir Ken Robinson’s Ted Talk “Schools Kill Creativity”. The context of the Ted Talk is how the education system of public schools affects critical thinking and interpretation in negative ways. The structure of public schools is based on core courses math, science and history which makes the other creative classes such as art and music seem less important. For instance, I went to a public high school and some classes like art, music and photography were not required. They were elective courses because there is no question about art, music in SAT, ACT, etc. This causes that students do not take those types of classes unless they are interested in; however these classes are extremely efficient for child development including decision making, visual learning, social life and character. The audience of Sir Ken Robinson’s Ted Talk is students as well as people who are responsible of this. The purpose of Sir Ken Robinson is to change this system in order to make our generation better. After I watched the ted talk, I liked his stance on this issue in public schools because I agree with his point of view and totally support. I think he doesn’t argue for something, he tries to inform something clearly which makes his speech valuable and appealing for the society. His speech would less effective if he wrote a paper about this instead of making a speech. The Ted Talk of Sir Ken Robinson analyzes the issue that schools destroy creativity. His speech demonstrates that he is willingly to produce an action or change reality through his thoughts. He steps up to point out a common problem “lack of creativity” due to the system in public schools which brings out positive outcomes for parents, students and officials to notice and do something.

Writing Process

In my first post, I am going to talk about my writing process. There are lots of different methods to write; however I am going to explain what I do if I have an academic essay. When I read the essay question and nothing comes to my mind at the moment. I need some time and research in order to have some ideas. For instance, I would like to describe how I wrote my last paper briefly.

First of all,I read the essay question carefully and made a research to get some basic information about the topic of the paper. Then, I brainstormed ideas and wrote them down on a paper. After I was overwhelmed with ideas, I started to narrow those ideas down and developed a thesis statement. And then, I planned out my paper and began introduction and body paragraphs. I summarized all my points in my conclusion and gave my message. After I finished my essay, I reread my essay to see my mistakes. Then, I started editing my grammar, punctuation and spelling errors. Finally, I had someone read my paper to double check and then submitted it.

I am kind of constricted by rules and willingly to stick with the plan. I do share my work if someone asks because I believe that everybody has different point of view, so we are all related to each other’s ideas. He can inspire me on the feedback and cause a positive outcome on my work that brings out a better work. I use the almost same method for academic essays and non-academic essays. When I have an academic essay, I pay attention to every steps of my writing process and spend much time for research; however, I be less rigorous and careful for my non-academic essays. I don’t have a different process for a blog post than a paper, The only difference is between process of a blog than process of a paper is that I spend less time on blog than paper because of their work loads. I feel more comfortable on writing a blog than writing a paper even though this is my first time posting something on a blog. In my opinion writing a paper seems more complex than writing a paper because there are some basic rules you can’t skip for academic essays; however, writing a blog is kind of free writing. As a result, I talked my writing process with details and my opinions about academic and non-academic essays.