Neo-Marxist Perspective Analysis

A neo-marxist perspective helps “expose how material conditions and economic practices shape dominant ideology regarding taken-for-granted assumptions about who ‘ought to be’ and ‘ought not to be’ empowered (Sellnow, 115).  This is basically saying that we make our decisions and base judgement off of materialistic ideals.  An example can be seen below from a video we saw in class last week:

In this commercial, we see a group of people identify the same man as more attractive based on the car behind him; a truck vs. a sedan.  The focus group unanimously decided that the picture of the guy with a truck is more attractive than the same guy but with a sedan behind him.  This proves that we base our immediate judgement of people off of material goods and objects not necessarily what kind of person they are.  Neo-Marxism’s intent has been misinterpreted by many people as being related to communism which isn’t the case and even referred to as neo-marxism as to try and correct this misinterpretation.  Overall, this perspective is the idea that we base our opinions and lifestyle off of material goods instead of looking deeper and finding the sincerity of a subject.

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